Wendy Chapman

Wendy Chapman

GIA Diamonds Graduate, GJ, AJP

Wendy Chapman is a multifaceted professional, embodying the roles of gemmologist, gem cutter and jeweller. With a profound passion for gemstones and jewellery, Wendy’s expertise spans the entire spectrum of the industry.

As a gem cutter, she intricately shapes and polishes gemstones, revealing their innate brilliance and character. Drawing from her comprehensive knowledge and creative flair, Wendy found inspiration to create captivating mandalas featuring a variety of creatures adorned with intricate jewellery and gemstones, each highlighting the beauty of these precious materials in unique and enchanting ways.

Through her colouring book series, Wendy invites enthusiasts to explore the captivating world of gemstones and ornate adornments, combining her love for both realms in intricately designed mandalas that inspire relaxation, creativity, and a sense of wonder.