Aquatic Aristocracy: Mandalas of Crowned Fish

Dive into the Depths of Royalty with “Aquatic Aristocracy”ย 

Embark on a mesmerising journey into the depths of the ocean with Aquatic Aristocracy – Mandalas of Crowned Fish, the latest creation from gemmologist, gem cutter, and jeweller Wendy Chapman.

In this captivating colouring book, Wendy invites adults and teens alike to explore the enchanting world of underwater elegance as they encounter a regal assembly of fish adorned with crowns and tiaras. Each mandala is intricately designed to showcase the beauty of gemstones and the opulence of aquatic royalty, offering a unique and immersive colouring experience.

With over 50 stunning mandalas to colour, Aquatic Aristocracy provides hours of relaxation and creative expression for colouring enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just beginning your colouring journey, these mandalas are sure to inspire and delight.

So grab your favourite colouring supplies and dive into a world where every stroke of colour adds to the splendour of the sea. Let your imagination soar as you bring these magnificent creatures to life in vibrant hues.

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Aquatic Aristocracy