Blue-Blooded Beavers: Mandalas of Crowned Beavers

Embark on a Regal Journey with “Blue-Blooded Beavers”ย 

Blue-Blooded Beavers – Mandalas of Crowned Beavers is an enchanting journey through over 50 beautifully crafted mandalas, each framing the noble escapades of regal beavers. Each page unfolds with detailed black and white line art, showcasing these noble creatures engaging in a variety of activities that blend the everyday with the extraordinary, set against the stunning backdrop of intricate mandala patterns.

From the serene beauty of the natural world to the bustling energy of urban landscapes, these beavers adorned in crowns and royal attire explore, celebrate, and conquer challenges, embodying the spirit of adventure, culture, and the fine balance between duty and leisure. Whether it’s participating in the Pride parade, ice skating on the Ottawa Canal, marvelling at the Totem Poles of Stanley Park, or triumphantly hoisting the Stanley Cup, the regal beavers embody the essence of nobility and the richness of diverse experiences.

Blue-Blooded Beavers not only offers a delightful escape into a fanciful realm but also serves as a canvas for creativity and relaxation. The mandala backgrounds, woven with elements of each scene, provide a meditative space for coloring enthusiasts to express themselves, making each page a personal masterpiece of color and imagination.

Perfect for artists and dreamers of all ages, this colouring book is an invitation to explore a world where the regal and the whimsical coexist, offering endless hours of colouring pleasure and a unique glimpse into the majestic life of the blue-blooded beavers.

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Blue-Blooded Beavers