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Bunny Bling: Mandalas of Crowned Rabbits

Step into a World of Elegance and Adventure with “Bunny Bling”

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ‘Bunny Bling – Mandalas of Crowned Rabbits’, a captivating colouring book that celebrates the whimsical and regal life of rabbits. Created by Wendy Chapman, a gemmologist, gem cutter and jeweller known for her attention to detail and love for nature’s beauty, this collection features over 50 intricately designed images, each showcasing rabbits adorned with majestic crowns and engaged in a variety of delightful activities.

From a regal garden bunny sitting amidst Easter lilies to a throne room rabbit perched on a gothic throne, and from a seaside sovereign exploring the beach to mystical moonlight and forest queen settings, these rabbits lead lives of great adventure and luxury. Witness these furry royals enjoying high tea, celebrating at festivals, and relaxing in serene environments, each setting brought to life with vibrant mandalas composed of flora and themed elements.

Highlights of ‘Bunny Bling’ include:

  • Diverse Rabbit Adventures: Each page captures the rabbits in unique scenarios—from ruling their kingdoms in lush gardens to embarking on sea and desert adventures—each rabbit royally dressed and engaging in activities that showcase their charismatic personas.
  • Intricate Mandala Artwork: The mandalas fuse elements from each rabbit’s activities with traditional and natural motifs, providing a complex and meditative coloring experience.
  • Cultural and Thematic Richness: Enjoy a celebration of different cultures and themes, from ancient Egypt to modern masquerades, articulated through the versatile lives of rabbits.

Join us as we celebrate the majestic and diverse lives of rabbits with ‘Bunny Bling: Mandalas of Crowned Rabbits’. This colouring book is not just a collection of images; it’s an invitation to unleash your creativity and explore a world where rabbits reign supreme in every imaginable scenario.

Dive into the magic of ‘Bunny Bling’ and let your imagination hop to new heights. Bring these crowned rabbits to life with your colours, transforming each page into a vibrant showcase of adventure and elegance. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a colouring enthusiast, this book promises hours of enjoyment and a journey through the playful and posh world of rabbits.

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Bunny Bling