Distinguished Devils: Mandalas of Crowned Tasmanian Devils

Celebrate the regal splendour and untamed spirit of Australia’s fierce marsupial with Distinguished Devils – Mandalas of Crowned Tasmanian Devils, a captivating colouring book that elevates the graphic excellence to unprecedented heights, beyond our previous books.

Within the leaves of this book, you’re invited to delve into a world where the unconventional meets the regal: over 50 meticulously designed mandalas, each featuring Tasmanian devils engaging in activities far beyond their wild nature, all while adorned with majestic crowns. From ice skating Tasmanian devils to those riding a motorcycle or lounging on the beach, these illustrations capture the quirky charm and spirited essence of these creatures, set against the backdrop of intricate mandalas that blend natural elements with a splash of royal opulence. Each page serves as an invitation to immerse yourself in detailed patterns and vibrant potential colour palettes, offering a unique creative journey. Here, your artistic fervour can awaken, breathing life into these distinguished, albeit slightly unconventional, figures.

Perfect for artists of all levels and colouring enthusiasts looking for a new challenge, Distinguished Devils promises a captivating experience. Dive into a world where the wild meets the regal, highlighting the Tasmanian devil’s significance in Australia’s natural heritage and cultural tapestry.

Embrace the opportunity to indulge in the artistic realm of Distinguished Devils and let your imagination run wild as you pay tribute to the Tasmanian devil’s majestic beauty. Unleash your creativity and add your personal touch to each crowned devil, making this enchanting colouring book your own masterpiece.

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Distinguished Devils