Extravagant Elephants: Mandalas of Crowned Elephants

Discover the Majestic World of “Extravagant Elephants”

Step into a world where grandeur meets creativity with ‘Extravagant Elephants – Mandalas of Crowned Elephants’, a captivating colouring book that brings the regal splendour of elephants to life in various majestic scenarios. Created by Wendy Chapman, renowned for her exquisite gem cutting and jewellery artistry, this collection features over 50 meticulously designed images, each showcasing elephants in royal attire adorned with crowns and jewellery, set against intricate mandalas.

From elephants leading royal parades to those ruling ancient empires, and from elegant garden parties to commanding the high seas, each illustration tells a unique story. These elephants are not just majestic—they embody their roles with elegance and dignity, inhabiting settings that range from lush jungles to serene beaches and exotic locales.

Highlights of ‘Extravagant Elephants’ include:

  • Diverse Majestic Scenarios: Experience elephants in dynamic and luxurious roles such as a Victorian lady at a grand ball, a Viking warrior on a voyage, and an ancient pharaoh ruling the desert. Each elephant is depicted with attire and accessories that reflect their regal status.
  • Intricate Mandala Backdrops: Each elephant is framed by a mandala that incorporates elements from their specific scenes—whether it’s jungle foliage, ancient hieroglyphics, or celestial patterns.
  • Rich Cultural and Historical Themes: The book celebrates not only the majestic beauty of elephants but also incorporates elements from various cultures and historical periods, enhancing the colouring experience with a rich tapestry of styles and settings.

Join us in celebrating the elegance and majesty of elephants with ‘Extravagant Elephants: Mandalas of Crowned Elephants’. This colouring book offers more than just beautiful images; it invites you to explore a world where these magnificent creatures reign with grace and splendour.

Dive into the majestic world of ‘Extravagant Elephants’ and let your creativity flourish. Colour in the vibrant scenes and bring these crowned elephants to life, transforming each page into a masterpiece that reflects the enchanting power and beauty of these regal characters.

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Extravagant Elephants