Quokka Queens: Mandalas of Crowned Quokkas

Explore the Realm of Happiness with “Quokka Queens” 

Quokka Queens – Mandalas of Crowned Quokkas is a unique colouring book that invites teens and adults into the joyous realm of the quokka, renowned as one of the happiest creatures on earth. With over 50 beautifully crafted illustrations, this collection combines the blissful spirit of these adorable marsupials with the regal elegance of crowns and jewellery, set against the intricate beauty of mandala backgrounds. Each page celebrates the serene and majestic adventures of the quokka queens on Rottnest Island and beyond, adorned in their royal attire.

As you immerse yourself in colouring these pages, you’re not just filling in designs; you’re stepping into a world where happiness reigns. The quokka, with its perpetual smile, serves as a delightful guide through various scenarios—from basking in the sun and exploring underwater treasures to steering boats and enjoying the simple pleasure of a beach day. The inclusion of regal crowns and exquisite jewellery in each illustration underscores the majestic presence of these joy-bringing creatures, making every scene a fusion of elegance and cheerfulness.

Quokka Queens is more than a colouring book; it’s an ode to joy, creativity, and the serene majesty of the animal kingdom. The detailed mandala patterns not only add a layer of artistic depth but also invite colourists to find tranquility and joy in their colouring journey. This collection is a testament to the happiness that quokkas bring to the world, offering a rich canvas for those looking to explore their creativity and escape into a world of royal relaxation and blissful serenity.

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Quokka Queens