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Suave Sugar Gliders: Mandalas of Crowned Possums

Discover the Graceful World of Possums with “Suave Sugar Gliders”

Step into the enchanting world of Australian wildlife with ‘Suave Sugar Gliders – Mandalas of Crowned Possums’, a mesmerising colouring book that celebrates the elegance and charm of these iconic creatures. Crafted by Wendy Chapman, a gemmologist, gem cutter and jeweller known for her detailed and imaginative designs, this collection features over 50 intricately designed images adorned with majestic crowns, each showcasing the regal allure of sugar gliders as they engage in a variety of dynamic activities.

Watch as these agile creatures glide over the Australian desert, perch in fragrant eucalyptus trees, surf on vibrant waves, ride motorcycles with flair, perform on grand stages, and enjoy lavish feasts. Each illustration not only captures the whimsical nature of sugar gliders but also integrates elements of Australian native flora, creating stunning mandala backdrops that enhance the thematic richness of each scene.

Highlights of ‘Suave Sugar Gliders’ include:

  • Dynamic Sugar Glider Activities: Each page brings a new adventure, depicting sugar gliders in action-packed and serene moments, all while dressed in regal attire that adds a touch of sophistication and fantasy.
  • Intricate Australian Flora Mandalas: The backgrounds are carefully crafted to include native plants, adding depth and a distinctive Australian touch to each mandala.
  • A Journey Through Art and Nature: Designed to inspire both creativity and relaxation, this book is perfect for artists of all skill levels seeking a peaceful yet engaging colouring experience.

Join us as we celebrate the grace and poise of sugar gliders with ‘Suave Sugar Gliders: Mandalas of Crowned Possums’. This colouring book is more than just a collection of images; it’s an invitation to explore the whimsical and elegant world of these beloved members of the Australian bush.

Dive into the magic of ‘Suave Sugar Gliders’ and let your imagination soar. Bring these crowned possums to life with vibrant colors, transforming each page into a masterpiece of beauty and tranquility. Embark on this artistic journey today and discover the joy of colouring with a touch of Australian wonder.

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Suave Sugar Gliders