Wealthy Wombats: Mandalas of Crowned Wombats

Embark on a Regal Australian Adventure with “Wealthy Wombats”ย 

Wealthy Wombats – Mandalas of Crowned Wombats is a captivating colouring book that invites teens and adults to embark on a unique adventure across the diverse landscapes of Australia, guided by an extraordinary character โ€“ a wombat adorned with regal attire. Each page reveals the wombat in various iconic settings, from the vibrant coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef to the majestic red sands of Uluru, and the bustling streets of Sydney on New Year’s Eve.

Wearing crowns and jewellery, our wombat protagonist explores Australia’s natural wonders, cultural landmarks, and hidden gems, each illustration framed by intricate mandalas incorporating elements of the Australian flora, fauna, and the spirit of adventure. The black and white line art is meticulously designed for colourists to bring to life with their creativity, inviting them to add their personal touch to the wombat’s journey.

Wealthy Wombats is more than just a colouring book; it’s an invitation to explore, learn, and celebrate the diverse beauty of Australia, making it a perfect keepsake for anyone fascinated by this extraordinary land. Whether you’re a seasoned colourist or a curious explorer, this book promises to provide hours of relaxing entertainment and a delightful journey across the heart of Australia.

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Wealthy Wombats