0.44 ct. Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple Diamond, Pear Shape, I3 Clarity, GIA, ID P000005

Behold the exquisite charm of this 0.44 ct Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple diamond, gracefully shaped in a Pear Brilliant cut. Its enchanting hue, natural origin, and even color distribution create a unique and alluring gem, while the GIA report number inscribed on the girdle ensures its authenticity and value.


Weight: 0.44 ct.
Measurements: 6.24 x 4.34 x 2.55 mm
Shape and Cutting Style: Pear Brilliant
Colour Grade: Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple
Colour Origin: Natural
Colour Distribution: Even
Clarity Grade: I3
Inscription: GIA report number 2195689458 on the girdle




  • This diamond is not from the Argyle Diamond Mine