1.00 ct. Fancy Pinkish Purple Diamond, Cushion Shape, I3 Clarity, GIA, ID P000004

Discover a striking 1.00 ct Fancy Pinkish Purple diamond, emanating natural beauty with its enchanting color. The even color distribution, cushion modified brilliant cut, and GIA report number inscribed on the girdle guarantee a truly unique and genuine treasure to cherish.



Weight: 1.00 ct.
Measurements: 5.87 x 5.07 x 3.53 mm
Shape and Cutting Style: Cushion Modified Brilliant
Colour Grade: Fancy Pinkish Purple
Colour Origin: Natural
Colour Distribution: Even
Clarity Grade: I3
Inscription: GIA report number 5192687368 on the girdle




  • This diamond is not from the Argyle Diamond Mine