1.01 ct. Fancy Deep Pink Diamond, Radiant Shape, SI2 Clarity, GIA & Argyle, ID P000003

Indulge in the captivating allure of this 1.01 carat Fancy Deep Pink diamond, a true gem of exceptional value sourced from the renowned Argyle Mine in Australia. With its mesmerising radiant shape and rich, natural colour, this precious jewel exudes a rare and enchanting beauty that is further accentuated by its GIA report number inscribed on the girdle and origin certificate from Delta Diamond Laboratories, ensuring its authenticity and origin as a genuine masterpiece from the prestigious Argyle Diamond Mine. Embrace the ultimate symbol of luxury and elegance with this exquisite and highly sought-after treasure.


Weight: 1.01 ct.
Measurements: 5.65 x 4.77 x 3.93 mm
Shape and Cutting Style: GIA: Cut-Cornered Rectangular Modified Brilliant / Argyle: Radiant
Colour Grade: GIA : Fancy Deep Pink
Colour Origin: Natural
Colour Distribution: Even
Clarity Grade: GIA: SI2 / Argyle estimated: P1
Inscription: GIA report number 2191687363 on the girdle



  • GIA Colored Diamond Report: 2191687363
  • Delta Diamond Laboratory Origin Certificate: 7678491